15 Nominations Received for 2022 Graduate Race/$50,000 Purse Guaranteed!

Mike Annechino

15 Sustaining Payments have been received by the January 31 deadline (pending any late mail arrivals) for the First OTBO Sale Graduate Race to be held March 5th at Mahoning Valley Racecourse.

A full list of the nominees is shown on our website.

All horses must now be nominated through the Racing Secretary at Mahoning, Mr. Ed Vomacka. The nomination/payment form is also on our website as well as being available in the racing secretaries office. Final payment is due at the normal time of entry.

The OTBO has also agreed to guarantee the purse at $50,000 for this year’s running of the race. A trophy will be presented to the winning owner.

“The OTBO is proud to support all of those who participate in our annual sale. A race like this encourages more sellers to consign their horses and provides an added incentive for buyers as well,” said Mike Annechino, Executive Director of the OTBO. “With the help of all horse people in Ohio, we hope to make this race an annual event.”

This year’s sale will be held on October 19th at the Delaware County Fairgrounds again. More information on the sale will be available in the coming months.

Good luck to all who participate in this year’s race!

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