Last Call for Anyone Interested in running for the OTBO Board of Directors (BOD)

Mike Annechino

Good morning. The entire OTBO Board of Directors is up for election this year due to issues surrounding Covid at our last election. There are 12 seats on the Board.

The OTBO board meets in person and via phone a minimum of app. 6-8 times per year to review and discuss matters important to Ohio racing. We are also responsible for coordinating the annual Ohio Champions awards and trophies (we do not vote on these but we do facilitate the awards and presentations); formulating and presenting multiple seminars throughout the state; participating actively in all of the Best Of Ohio Days at each track with a different focus at each specific track; reviewing all regulations and rules involving Ohio racing and putting forth suggestions; participating in the Ohio Stake Review committee, the Ohio Advisory and OSRC meetings; and many other activities that arise during the year. We maintain open communications via our website and phone lines to also be available to help answer racing related questions essentially 24/7 year round.

We directly hold our Annual Mixed Sale – coming up October 19th this year – and our Stallion Season auction in December. BOD members actively participate in the planning and running of these events.

In 2023 we are planning multiple new programs across a wide variety of interests. Board members are encouraged to suggest new ideas as well as participate in all activities that the OTBO sponsors. Please plan for a significant time commitment in order to help us accomplish everything discussed above.

In order to be on the OTBO BOD you must be a member in good standing of the OTBO since at least 1/1/2022.

If you are interested in running or would like more information, please email a brief bio discussing your involvement in Ohio racing and expressing your interest to be on the board to: Please use “BOD” as the subject line in your email. The deadline for submitting your interest is October 7, 2022. You may also submit a¬†petition with a minimum of 25 signatures (along with their complete addresses) from members of good standing since 1/1/2022 of the OTBO endorsing your candidacy. This petition must be emailed to us by 10/7/2022.

Once the deadline passes, our nominating committee will review all applications and petitions. All successful candidates will then be notified of the timing of the election which will occur as soon thereafter as is possible.

Thank you.

Mike Annechino

Executive Director, OTBO


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